the cotton candy kid (cottoncandykid1) wrote in losethechubclub,
the cotton candy kid

wedding cake!!

soooo...yesterday was ok: special k with soy milk for breakfast, too busy shopping to grab lunch (bad move!), teriyaki chicken with salad and two spring rolls for dinner, and baskin robbins large sugar free fat free frozen yogurt for dessert.
now tonight...max's grandpa frank is gettin hitched and they are having mecca cater. soooo...all day im gonna be super good so i can eat some burritosand chilaquias!!

breakfast: carefully measured 1 cup special k red berries with 1 cup soy milk
(coming soon) lunch: chocolate health shake in the blender with ice. might walk down to save mart to buy a banana to throw in.
snack: fruit or yogurt maybe
dinner: mecca!!!

hows it going girls??
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